Develop Managers That Stand Apart

Manager Success University™ includes a cultivated series of leadership-focused content and is an ever-growing library of course assets. These flexible, interactive micro and compliance courses will raise your management staff to a standard of excellence that can help your business stand apart.
Great managers know how to be proactive and reactive. This content helps your management staff both anticipate and respond to your business needs. Our unique approach addresses key issues for the foodservice and hospitality industry. Managers will develop leadership skills that yield organizational results, increase their financial acumen, gain market insight for differentiation and understand strategies for increased profitability.

How It Works

Manager Success University access is available for $299/year for up to 5 students OR $499/year for up to 10 students.

15+ Content Modules Immediate Access to all New Releases
Direct Access Foodservice-Focused Content for Restaurant Managers

Good leadership isn’t about stagnation; it’s about moving ahead.
With implementation of Manager Success University™, your Managers will:

  • Facilitate and implement strategies for increased profitability.
  • Understand how to lead staff to become a high performing team engaged in continuous improvement.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and key process improvement perspective.
  • Screen & hire high quality candidates to continually improve the staff of your operation.
  • Utilize key low-cost marketing strategies to better optimize your operation’s visibility and level of business.
  • Develop operational objectives for the critical safety issues facing the foodservice industry from active shooter incidents to infectious disease control and harassment prevention.