Change the Service Culture

We all have a level of implicit bias and sometimes we act on it without even knowing it. Overcoming attitudes and stereotypes based on characteristics such as race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or appearance takes a conscious effort by individuals- especially in the foodservice and retail industries where client-facing interactions and team-based service are the norm. Challenge employees to examine the motivations behind their language and decisions and ensure they are expressing your values to your customers.

With Anti-Bias eStart™, operators can provide a top-down message to employees with awareness and actionable advice that can help to combat both conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace. This proactive approach to a positive workplace culture addresses implicit bias, promotes conscious inclusion and reduces exposure to discrimination- based liability. Teaching a bias-free message through Anti-Bias eStart™ provides an opportunity to postively influence employee behaviors and prevent possible missteps before they occur.

*Harvard University/Project Implicit survey, 2011

Category: Safety & Compliance
Lang: English
Audience/Length: All Crew Employees (30-45 minutes)
Exam: 70% or Higher Required to Print Certificate of Completion

Build a Positive Workplace Culture

Employees are a crucial resource for any business. In foodservice and hospitality, they are the front line and represent your concept to your customers. Ensure your staff is interacting your customers without bias while also providing strategies to address and counteract biased perceptions and assumptions.


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