An Unintimidating Approach to Learning Financial Management & Marketing Principles

Most restaurants are owned and operated by people without a background in finance or marketing. But without an understanding of these concepts, a restaurant won’t be around for long or won’t yield the financial success of a well-run business. The MoneyWise Manager™ series allows for owners and managers to learn important financial and marketing concepts quickly and provides strategies to implement those methods for an immediate positive effect on the bottom line.

The series of 10 micro-courses is built to empower independent operators by providing foundational financial education and sound marketing strategies that, if implemented, have a high probability of increasing profits.

Easy Access to Critical Information that Will Increase Profitability

Running a successful restaurant requires more than just great food and service. Owners and managers must have a solid understanding of money management procedures and marketing strategies to ensure profitability and sustainability. The MoneyWise Manager™ series educates in the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage an operation's finances and promotional efforts.

10 Content Modules (15/20 minutes each) Printable Resources with Each Module
Fully Narrated with a Glossary of Terms Each Module Ends with a 10-Question Assessment


  • INCREASED PROFITABILITY: When a manager understands the financial and marketing aspects of running a restaurant, they are better equipped to make decisions that can increase profits.
  • BETTER BUDGETING: A trained restaurant manager can create a budget that accurately reflects the restaurant’s financial situation.
  • IMPROVED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: A restaurant manager who understands cost control can manage inventory more effectively.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE MARKETING EFFORTS: An owner/manager who better understands marketing and social media strategies can create promotional campaigns that yield better results.
  • BETTER CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT: A manager who is trained in financial management can ensure that the restaurant has enough cash on hand to meet its financial obligations.

How It Works

1. Purchase the MoneyWise Manager™ series for all of the decision-makers and financial cohorts within your operation.
2. Your account will be set up and ready to use within one business day.
3. Begin accessing the training and immediately implement the strategies outlined to improve the financial health and marketing efforts of your operation.