Intro to Beer & Spirits™

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Intro to Beer & Spirits™ provides your bartenders, servers and retail employees with the essential knowledge they need to communicate and serve alcoholic beverages to your customers and guests. Whether a bartender, server, retail employee, banquet server or training for a career in the foodservice/hospitality industry- this course will equips students with the vocabulary, confidence and knowledge they need to be helpful and educated beverage professionals.

Intro to Beer & Spirits™ provides a comprehensive and entertaining introductory beverage education for foodservice and retail employees. We lay the foundation on which you can build with your operation's specific policies and bar/cocktail offerings.

The beverage education of an employee is an on-going process. We see Intro to Beer & Spirits™ as the mandatory, critical first step in that progression.

  • Lesson 1: Beer
    • How beer is made
    • Different styles and characteristics of beer
    • Bottle vs. draught beer
    • Pairing beer with food
  • Lesson 2: Distilled Spirits
    • Analysis and explanation of the distillation process
    • Detailed information on the types of distilled spirits (vodka, gin, whiskey, liqueurs, etc.).
  • Lesson 3: Mixers, Garnishes & Glassware
    • Details the functions and major types of mixers
    • Common garnishes and how their used
    • Types of glassware (How & when to use what)
  • Lesson 4: Making Drinks
    • How to make popular drinks (martinis, frozen drinks, rocks drinks, and shots/shooters)
    • Suggestive Selling & Upselling
    • Responsible service
    • Behavior of a great bartender
  • Final Assessment
    • 20 Question Assessment
    • Randomized Question Selection from 40 Question Bank
    • 70% or Higher Required to Print Certificate of Completion
  • Learning Management System Features
    • Allows for the streamlined networking of facilities/locations across an entire company
    • Provides for seamless, real-time tracking of employee progress by Training Administrators
    • Generate reports with aggregated training information
    • Download, save and print training information- (by employee or location) to any standard spreadsheet program

Per Location Pricing

Your account will be set up and ready to use the same business day payment is received.

Intro to Beer & Spirits™ is available for $349.00 for 1 year. For this purchase price, a location will receive access to the course for 40 employees as well as the benefits of the Learning Management System for record management and data storage of the operation's training statistics.

Sysco Solutions & Services customers receive a 15% discount and pay $297.00 for 40 employees.

*Multiple foodservice establishments that operate at one physical location must pay individual site license fees. (i.e. hotels, resorts, etc.) This policy also applies to restaurant groups with multiple locations, as each location will be assessed an individual site license fee.