Basic Food Safety eStart™

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Basic Food Safety eStart™ introduces the learner to critical issues of safe food handling & preparation, equipping them with all the practical skills and knowledge required to be a part of the food flow process.

Basic Food Safety eStart™ is designed to educate a rotating, multi-level staff. This interactive program is fully narrated, available in English & Spanish and written on an 8th grade reading level for ease of use with all employees. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length. A built-in Bookmarking feature allows for the Learner to complete the course in multiple sessions, bookmarking the last page they viewed and returning to it during their next session.

The course is written in accordance with the 2017 FDA Food Code and its supplements and aligns with all major (nationally recognized) Managerial Certification programs. Basic Food Safety eStart™ is approved by the Texas DSHS (Program #59) and compliant with the Illinois Food Handler Regulation Enforcement Act (Program #14-041).

  • Lesson 1: Foodborne Illness & Food Safety Essentials
    • Overview of major foodborne illness causing agents
    • Working with ready-to-eat & potentially hazardous foods
    • Food Allergens
    • Foodhandler Responsibility
  • Lesson 2: Hygiene, Handwashing & Inspections
    • Importance of Handwashing
    • Steps of Proper Handwashing
    • Prevention of Common Hygiene-related Issues
    • Proper Glove Use
    • Inspections: Preparing for & Auditor Expectations
  • Lesson 3: Time, Temperature & The Food Flow Process
    • The Food Flow Process
    • Time & Temperature and the 'Danger Zone'
    • Issues with Raw Produce
    • Cross Contamination & Common Incidents
    • Correct Usage of Thermometers
  • Lesson 4: Contamination & Sanitation
    • How Bacteria & Viruses Multiply
    • Identifying Problems in the Food Flow
    • Definition and analysis of cleaning, sanitizing and sanitizers
    • Proper Procedures for Working with Equipment & Utensils
    • Preventing Common Sanitation Problems
    • Pest Control
  • Final Assessment
    • 20 Question Assessment
    • Randomized Question Selection from 40 Question Bank
    • 70% or Higher Required to Print Certificate of Completion
  • Learning Management System Features
    • Allows for the streamlined networking of facilities/locations across an entire company
    • Provides for seamless, real-time tracking of employee progress by your Food Safety Supervisors/Training Administrators
    • Generate reports with aggregated training information (for use with inspections, audits and QA assessments)
    • Download, save and print training information- (by employee, location, job function or facility) to any standard spreadsheet program

Per Location Pricing

Your account will be set up and ready to use the same business day payment is received.

The Basic Food Safety eStart™ course is available for $349.00 per location* and provides for unlimited usage for 1 year. For this purchase price, a location will receive access to the course for an unlimited number of employees as well as the benefits of the Learning Management System for record management and data storage of the operation's food safety training statistics.

The Spanish language version of Basic Food Safety eStart™ can be included in any order for an additional $100/location.

Sysco Solutions & Services customers receive a 15% discount and pay $297.00 per location for the English language course.

*Multiple foodservice establishments that operate at one physical location must pay individual site license fees. (i.e. hotels, resorts, etc.) This policy also applies to restaurant groups with multiple locations, as each location will be assessed an individual site license fee.

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