Active Shooter Prep Online™

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Active Shooter Prep Online™ educates foodservice, hospitality and retail employees in the latest workplace violence and active shooter procedures and protocols. Using the guidelines and directives established by FEMA, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, the course establishes an understanding of workplace violence and active shooter events and then provides detailed information on how to best prevent and prepare for such scenarios.

With Active Shooter Prep Online™, operators can provide employees with a critical risk mitigation tool designed and tailored specifically for the foodservice and retail industries. Further, employers can meet their "duty of care" responsibilities to their employees and equip staff with the critical incident response and action information they need to survive.

  • Lesson 1: Overview
    • Definition of an active shooter incident
    • What to do before an incident occurs/Preparation
    • Defining & identifying workplace violence
    • Developing an Emergency Action Plan
    • Understanding Hybrid Targeted Violence
  • Lesson 2: Prevention
    • Being aware and alert in the restaurant and retail workplace
    • Warning signs and behavior indicators of workplace violence
    • How to report/respond to workplace violence indicators
  • Lesson 3: Response
    • What to do in an active shooter event
    • Run. Hide. Fight. Treat.
    • How to report an incident
    • How to fight back
    • Elements of bytander intervention
  • Lesson 4: Aftermath
    • How to navigate during the aftermath of an active shooter event
    • Interactions with law enforcement and support personnel
    • Secure location protocol
  • Final Assessment
    • 20 Question Assessment
    • Randomized Question Selection from 40 Question Bank
    • 70% or Higher Required to Print Certificate of Completion
  • Learning Management System Features
    • Allows for the streamlined networking of facilities/locations across an entire company
    • Provides for seamless, real-time tracking of employee progress by Training Administrators
    • Generate reports with aggregated training information
    • Download, save and print training information- (by employee or location) to any standard spreadsheet program

Per Student Pricing

Your account will be set up and ready to use the same business day payment is received.

Active Shooter Prep Online™ is available for $349.00 for 1 year. With purchase, a location will receive access to the course for 40 employees as well as the benefits of the Learning Management System for record management and data storage of the operation's training statistics.

Sysco Solutions & Services customers receive a 15% discount and pay $297.00 for 40 student seats.